5 Ways on How Meditation Heals The Body

For thousands of years, people of all cultures have used meditation to relieve not only psychological stress but even physical pain.

The preventive effects and also the treatment of different diseases are the main reasons why people from all around the world meditate on a daily basis.

Meditation can help with ADHD, allergies, high blood pressure,migraines, anxiety and many more illnesses.

This is possible because using meditation as a tool allows to heal the body by focusing on the holistic healing and well-being of the body, rather than the disease itself.

spect brain images at baseline and during meditation

How Meditation Effects The Brain

Many people are skeptical when it comes to the effects of meditation.

However, scientists have found out through brain scans that meditation even allows certain areas of the brain to grow, especially areas that are responsible for compassion, sympathy and self-perception.

The measurements showed that the brain activity changes significantly in the state of meditation. By sinking in meditation, one gets in the state between being awake and sleeping.

Depending on the state of consciousness, different electrical frequencies can be measured in our brain. During the daytime, when we work and solve problems, the beta state prevails.

Through meditation, it is possible to postpone this awake state – although one does not sleep, one enters the more relaxed alpha state, in which the vibrations of the brain waves slow down.

The effect: a phase of higher concentration and a feeling of strong energy.

Start Meditating

Now, if you want to start meditating there are a few meditation tools that you’ll need to get the most out of your experience.

The first tool is something to sit on: this could be a meditation cushion or even a normal chair, just make sure that you are comfortable.

Another thing you will most definetly need is a timer. You can simply use your phone and set the timer before you begin meditating.

Additional tools that you can get and use for a better meditation are for example an essential oil diffuser to create a calm atmosphere and different guided meditation tracks you can find online which can help you especially when you’re just getting started.

Meditation Techniques

Meditation is not only about sitting still and focusing on your breath, there are literally hundreds of types of meditation.

meditating on cushion
meditating on cushion

In addition to the traditional forms of meditation, there are also techniques such as holosync.

You will have to do almost nothing, just listen to the gentle, evocative and unique holosync music that will regenerate you and give you the feeling of self-reliance.

The unique technology makes the brain believe that it’s not just listening to relaxing music, but actually being in a peaceful natural environment.

Another technique is meditation through brainwave entrainment. Brainwave entertainment is about influencing the brainwaves through special music tunes.

The brainwave music stimulates the brainwaves acoustically.

The brain is able to pick up and adapt to external signals.

The consistent rhythm of music gradually gives the brain the rhythm for its own brainwaves.

The goal of the brainwave activation is to synchronize the brainwaves of both halves of the brain so that it is possible for the individual to influence his state of mind.

Which Meditation Is The Most Powerful?

You can not really say which meditation is the most powerful. There are so many different techniques you can use, it all depends on your needs.

If you want to make sure you find the most appropriate method for you, just give the different methods a try.

By meditating daily you’ll find out what meditation is best for you, your personality and your needs.

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  1. For everyone who uses meditation to heal themselves I’m betting there are 2 who have died!

    1. I think you are being overly skeptical Estela. If something helps someone get a result they want then it cannot be a bad thing. I hope you find something that works well for you. Why not just give meditation a try – what do you have to lose?

  2. I believe that meditating and visualizing health every day helped me heal from a very bad illness I had. Anyone who doubts the power of the mind over the body is missing out on some tremendous healing potential.

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